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Jan 27

NOW CASTING FOR TV: A Fun, Fashionable Group Of Women In Their 30’s, Who Are Living The BEST Life Of Luxury Without Breaking The Bank!

An Emmy Award Winning TV Production Company is looking for a FAB GROUP OF WOMEN living the ULTIMATE life in the BIG CITY. We’re specifically looking for women who make UNDER $100,000 a year, but know all the tricks of the trade to make it appear as if they’ve got millions in the bank.

Do you and your friends trade or pool your money together to rock the best labels?

Do you know the right people who hook you up at the latest go-to bars and restaurants in your city?

If you and your friends know how to PLAY THE SYSTEM, and truly live the BEST LIFE, we want to hear from you!!

To be considered, please email with the following information:





Relationship Status:

Brief Description of Your Social Group:

How Do You Live for Pennies on the Dollar?