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Dec 19

9 Love Quotes From Marriage Boot Camp To Apply To Your Life

Let these lessons on love guide your relationship.

WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp series has featured a plenty of couples facing serious relationship challenges. With the premiere of the reality stars edition only a few days away, we’re on the edge of our seats to see who makes it through. But despite the drama, there always a few shining moments that really get us thinking about love and the struggles and triumphs that come with it.

From overcoming obstacles to ways to show your partner that you care, these love quotes from WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp series are guaranteed to inspire and ignite passion into your own life.

1. “…By forgiving someone for past injustice, you actually free yourself from a burden that has been weighing you and your marriage down.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Director of Marriage Boot Camp, Season 2 Episode 8

2. “I get the fact that you just walk away because you’re like really, I can’t do this anymore. But for her, when you walk away, you give up.” — Sofia from Season 2, Episode 6

3. “You saved me. Let me save you.” — Shaun from Season 2, Episode 8

4. “…The obstacle standing in the way of your partner’s needs and wants is you. That is an important lesson because if you aren’t fulfilling your partner’s needs, your spouse will find them someplace else.” — Jim Carroll, CEO & co-founder of Marriage Boot Camp, Season 2, Episode 4

5. “I want him to be able to tell me all the time what he’s thinking or how he’s feeling…It would just make me feel good, it would make me feel like he loves me and like he’s checking me out and not other people.” — Gloria from Season 2, Episode 7

6. “You’re an amazing person inside and out. It’s just not your outer, your inner as well. And I love you, I love everything about you and I know I don’t express it but I definitely feel it. It’s like my angel just came out the sky.” — Mark from Season 2, Episode 7

7. “You disrespect women that respect you and respect women that disrespect you. And the reason for that is you don’t have respect for yourself. But when you got outside, you guys talked instead of this big fighting argument and, in the end, you gained something really important from her, which was respect. She respected the way you did it.” — Jim Carroll, Season 2 Episode 4

8. “Successful marriages have a foundation of honesty and genuine openness.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Season 2 Episode 9

9. “Sex and sexual intimacy are vital to all relationships because it is the physical expression of an invisible bond in the relationship.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Season 2 Episode 7

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