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Apr 17

Actor Bill Paxton Prepares For New Role on SHU’s Campus

Huntsville — Actor Bill Paxton, from movies like Twister, Titanic, and Aliens, toured the Sam Houston University campus in preparation for a new role.

Paxton will portray Texas hero Sam Houston in the upcoming mini series “Texas Rising” produced by the History Channel.

During his visit to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Paxton was able to review letters and personal artifacts that once belonged to Sam Houston.

Paxton was even allowed to inspect a lock of hair taken from the Texas hero in the 1850’s.

“It’s been a bonanza for me. I’ve had a lot of eureka moments just walking around and holding some of these items,” said Paxton.

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum is home to an extensive collection of Sam Houston memorabilia.

Currently letters written between Sam and Margaret Houston are on display to the public.

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