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Jun 30

AMC Announced Docu-Series “4th And Loud” Will Launch On August 5

Sports fans that cannot get enough of the on-screen action received pleasant news recently. AMC have announced that its Docu-Series “4th And Loud” will launch on August 5. The series follows the season of the LA Kiss Arena Football League team. Each episode is 60 minutes long, and the series is made of a ten-episode block. It will follow the team and its owners, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Kiss manager, Doc McGhee, will again, heavily feature on the show. Others such as managing partner, Brett Bouchy, and Schuyler Hoversten (president), will receive plenty of air-time, too. The premise of the show will see the team looking to turn LA’s first professional football team for a long while, in to the winning franchise the city deserves. The fans will get to see everything from off the field and on the field, and the idea is to bring the audience closer to the LA Kiss organization.

For a long while many have shared their anger that LA, the biggest city in the world, has MLB and NBA teams, but no NFL team, however, they now have an AFL team, which gives them something to shout about. Perhaps if the Kiss and its show perform well, possible owners will look at moving a team to LA, or at least making the next expansion team one for LA.

Who will tune in to the Docu-Series, and will LA ever get an NFL team? Can the Kiss ever become the iconic team in LA? It will be worth a watch when it hits your screens.

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