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Jun 09

Arizona psychic gets her own reality show on Lifetime

Sunny Dawn Johnston could be Arizona’s answer to the “Long Island Medium.”

Johnston will star in Lifetime channel’s new show, “A Seance With …,” in which she’ll help celebrities make contact with deceased family and friends.

“If they (viewers) want to learn to connect with their loved ones, or the possibility of connecting with their loved ones, this show gives people the possibility of opening up their minds and witnessing healing occur,” said Johnston, who has worked as a spiritual medium for 15 years.

The hourlong pilot, featuring “Days of Our Lives” star Lisa Rinna, will air at 7 p.m. Arizona time Saturday, June 14. If the pilot succeeds, Lifetime could pick up the show as a regular series.

“Long Island Medium,” which stars Theresa Caputo, debuted on TLC channel in 2011.

Johnston holds workshops around Arizona and teaches people about spirituality at the Sunlight Alliance Healing Center in Glendale. Her books include “The Love Never Ends — Messages From the Other Side,” “Invoking the Archangels — A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul” and “Living Your Purpose.”

Johnston says her spiritual journey began at 13 when she awoke one night to see an angel over her bed. Her mother said it was her guardian angel, and Johnston knew she wanted to help others have similar experiences.

But as a teenager growing up in Salt Lake City, Johnston wasn’t always sure about her life’s purpose.

“It took me 15 years to actually teach this because I was against it, because I didn’t want to be weird,” she said. “I took me a long time to figure out that was OK. I spent many years of my life trying to fit in and be normal, and one day I realized, ‘Sunny, you’re different and it’s OK.’ ”

Lifetime audiences will have the opportunity to sit around a candle-lit table with Johnston and make up their own minds about whether mortals can reach into the spirit world and contact angels.

“I think it’s going to answer questions about how our loved ones come through to us and the different tools we can use, whether that’s meditation, angel cards, prayers or seance,” she said.

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