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Jan 21

BIG GIANT SWORDS: Exclusive Video of Tonight’s Fire-Breathing Dragon Build!

Discovery Channel has a new hit on its hands and in its line-up, with BIG GIANT SWORDS garnering much praise from viewers across the Internet over the last week. And, tonight, the sword-makers are back–this time, with an audience that is more than just curious; this time, they will no doubt be truly interested. Why would anyone want a giant sword? We cannot answer that; and, in fact, Irish Mike seemed to be at a loss for the answer to that question himself in the Series Premiere. But, the fact of the matter is, people ARE interested in buying giant swords–and they appear to be interested in watching Irish Mike and his team make them on BIG GIANT SWORDS, as well. Last week, honestly, we did not know what we were getting into with Irish Mike and BIG GIANT SWORDS. Somehow, it escapes our understanding that this is going on in Martha’s Vineyard; the creation of giant swords just does not seem like the thing that would be going on up there. And, we cannot help but wonder:  Who is the unfortunate person who gets stuck with having to package these items for shipping? Or, do you just take it to your favorite shipping company and say, “Hey, here’s a giant sword; can you pack and ship to this address?” Hey, that would be what we would do. This week, things get eccentric on BIG GIANT SWORDS–really? Okay, we find it hard to believe, too. But, tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on all-new episode, “Dragon Slayer”:

An eccentric, modern-day knight hires sword-maker Irish Mike to build a giant, dragon-shaped sword that shoots real flames. Assistant welder Erik bets Mike he can create a top-quality weapon of his own: a steel fist with deadly, interchangeable heads.

And, for TVRuckus readers:  An EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek Video, courtesy of Discovery Channel!

Fire shooting out of a dragon sword? Mmmmmmm … okay, maybe there ARE people out there more eccentric than Irish Mike after all. Mmmmmm … we have to think on that one.

BIG GIANT SWORDS airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10/9c.


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