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Jan 15

Big Giant Swords News: New Trailers Give More Information On Irish Mike And Show Off Power Of Swords

Discovery Channel premiered Big Giant Swords last night. The show about making big giant swords and other assorted weapons. If you missed the premiere or just weren’t sold on a show centered around a swordsmith, then there are two new promos to give you more insight into the crazy world of Big Giant Swords.

The first trailer gives a more in depth look at who Mike Craughwell is and what it is he hopes to accomplish with his new business. Like most of us, he wants to spend his life doing something that he loves. Unlike most of us, his passion is creating designer weapons. We all have dreams.

In the preview you can see that not only are these swords huge but some of them come equipped with flame throwing attachments. Also, nice nod to Game of Thrones if you’re paying attention.

The second trailer features a demo of one of the swords that was created in his work shop. These swords are definitely not toys. Not only because your average child just doesn’t have the upper body strength to pick one up, but because they’re sharp. Really sharp.

In the video you see Craughwell destroy Thanksgiving dinner (and some assorted furniture) with one of his creations. According to Craughwell, the video is part of the package when you purchase the sword.

Not only do you get a massive weapon capable of hacking your dining room table into splinters, you’ll also get a video to show your friends to prove it.

You can catch Big Giant Swords on the Discovery Channel, Tuesdays at 10/9C.

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