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Mar 16

COMPLEX: Meet the Pastor Who Isn’t Afraid to Talk About Sex in Church and On TV

If it feels like none of your friends are that religious, it’s because they’re not. According to Huffington Post, compared to their predecessors, millennials are much less interested in organized religion and spirituality in general. We could begin dissecting all the reasons why, but the most interesting thing to note is that churches are suffering. An entire industry built on the foundation of believers is watching its loyal fan base dwindle.

Like any business, if churches want to keep their patrons, they must adapt to the times. Pastor Matt Chewning is trying to do just that. Not only has he started his own “hip” church but he’s also got a reality show to promote it. Complex Networks and go90’s new show #Preached follows Pastor Matt and his family as they set up their new church, Netcast, in Massachusetts—one of the least religious regions in North America, according to Chewning.

Chewning is out to prove he’s not your normal pastor and Netcast isn’t your average church. Starting the first episode with a sidewalk chat with strangers about sex—anal, threesomes, gang bangs and tag teams—nothing is off limits….even if it makes for some uncomfortable moments. It’s a bold move, but a refreshing one and we’re interested to see just how far Pastor Matt will take it—and the church.

Binge the first three episodes now on go90.