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Mar 20

EXAMINER: ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Reality TV reveals true life struggles

The first episode of “Preachers’ Daughters,” the new Lifetime Reality TV show, started out with intense discussion and scenes of the life of three church families challenged with everyday life, March 13, 2013.

The three families that were chosen as reality TV stars are, the Coleman’s, daughter Taylor, 18; the Koloff’s, daughter Kolby, 16; the and Perry’s, daughter Olivia, 18 with a baby.

Families of teenagers will be able to identify with much of the show’s first episode topics about lying, dating, and having babies out of wedlock, even though church people don’t like discussing these matters. The families may seem to come off as extreme cases.

Starting with Taylor, she is African American and lives in Illinois. The first episode showed her being confronted by her parents about lying about going to a friend’s house, but instead, she went to a hotel with some guys and girls. Taylor’s parents put her on lockdown. “No calls from boys, I’m monitoring all your cell phone calls and all your text messages.” – Taylor’s father.

Then there is Kolby. Her parents are divorced, and her mom makes it difficult for Kolby to date. The first episode showed a scene of Kolby’s mom interrogating her intended boyfriend at a restaurant. Kolby’s preacher mother gave the boy an application to date her daughter. One question to the boy is, “Do you own or have access to a van?”

Finally, there is Olivia. The lifestyle of Olivia’s past hurt her tremendously; drugs and sex caught up with her. Olivia has a baby girl, and she doesn’t really know who the father is; it may be a guy name Jay. In the first episode, Olivia’s parents discuss the need for a paternity test. A prayer by Olivia’s father is offered.

“Preachers’ Daughters” airs on Lifetime Tuesdays at 10 pm.

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