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Sep 04

EXCLUSIVE: Bridezilla Porsha Holt talks her hubby’s infidelity and boot camp

Loyal “Bridezillas” fans know that all of the seasons of the show have their standouts, and one of the most unforgettable women planning her trip down the isle was Porsha Holt-Martin of Mississippi.

That says a lot since there’s a whole lot of crazy goin’ on on “Bridezillas.” But the days leading up to Porsha’s wedding were so packed with jaw-droppers that she and hubby, Bryron, were asked by WE tv to return and be one of the couples on “Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas,” which premiered May 31 and is currently airing.

They are at “Boot Camp” because of trust issues. “I’ve never caught Byron cheating but I know he has cheated,” Porsha said. He decides to fess up, telling her, “I cheated on you…I chased other women.”

We have to see how the confession plays out and if the pair decide to divorce or continue to work on their problems but caught up with Porsha earlier today via phone. There are two more episodes of Boot Camp left. It airs Fridays and the reunion show will follow the Boot Camp finale on July 26.

The couple from Greenville originally appeared on a July 2011 episode of “Bridezillas” and Porsha immediately became an audience favorite.

Just a few of the dilemmas the no-nonsense bride-to-be had to deal with prior to the big day included Bryon’s ex and baby momma planning to drop their baby off at the site of the nuptials, and some potentially hairy moments with her bridal party.

“You are not invited to my wedding so don’t you even come!” Porsha yelled at Byron’s ex on a super heated cell phone call peppered heavily with the B-word. “If you do you’re goin’ to jail!” she warned.

Porsha, who says she considers herself a “Diva Zilla” who always gets what she wants, definitely made sure her bridesmaids knew what was what. She blasted her sisters for not easing up on their food intake before they walked down Porsha’s isle, telling them: “Y’all not fixin’ to be busted and disgusted on my wedding day!”

Diva Zilla was also concerned about their grooming habits and stood giving them the once-over with a glass of water and shaving cream in hand. She checked them for underarm and facial hair and declared she wouldn’t be having any “hairy beasts” in her wedding party.

Porsha seems to have calmed down a bit on the “Boot Camp” show. She told us about how her main issue with Byron has always been that he has been very secretive about his cell phone and wouldn’t let her see it.

She said she’s heard from people who’ve seen both shows who are on her side and say they have the same problem with their boyfriends or husbands, and she’s gotten feedback from those who agree with Byron that he should have his privacy.

“I do get a hold of the cell phone,” Porsha says proudly, though she wouldn’t reveal what we’ll see on the remaining episodes of “Boot Camp” or if she decides to remain with Byron. The couples are supposed to figure out whether they should work on their marriages or go their separate ways.

“The world is going to be in total shock when they see the reunion show,” Porsha adds. “I’ reveal at the reunion what I found in that phone.”

Porsha, who married Byron on March 19, 2011, also notes some people might see her differently after the “Boot Camp” finale and reunion.

“I found out a lot of stuff about myself that I didn’t know about (at the boot camp),” Porsha explains. “It’s a positive show and the directors do it (counseling) for a living. They helped Gene Simmons and his wife get married.”

“People tend to judge me off my marriage,” Porsha says. She does admit, however, that on “Bridezillas,” it’s real reality. “What you see is what you get.” She adds “Boot Camp” is real as well but is an entirely different experience. The five couples live in a house in California for about three weeks to confront their demons.

“There are cameras everywhere,” for the “Boot Camp” show, Porsha adds. “They’re in the bedroom, they’re in the bed…they try to capture everything.”

“People think I’m controlling and bullying him (Byron),” Porsha says. “At the end of the show you will see I’m really not.”

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