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Mar 20

Exclusive Coleman Family Interview

Preacher’s Daughters is that latest reality show to debut with a provocative premise.  The new Lifetime reality show follows three different teenagers with one common problem: their preacher papas are cramping their wild child ways. One of the most controversial families are the Colemans: Pastor Ken, wife Marie and their 17-year-old Jesus-take-the-wheel daughter Taylor (who one media outlet called the “most aggressive” cast member on the show and whose father prays in the promos for his daughter not to grow up to be a porn star).

CocoaFab caught up with the Colemans for an exclusive interview on the inside scoop on life beyond the pulpit and what to expect in their reality show.

CocoaFab: What did you think of the first episode?

Pastor Ken:  We haven’t seen the show at all yet.

CocoaFab:  What are you anticipating?

Pastor Ken: We’re anticipating a good show.  I expect it to do really well.  I think there will be a lot of viewers and a lot of excitement.  It’s about our lives and we’ve got some things happening.

CocoaFab:  Taylor, how do you feel about your parents seeing what goes on when they aren’t around?

Taylor:  At first, I was really nervous and worried like, ‘Oh my God! My parents are gonna see some things I do not want them to see. After filming for so long, me and my parents are way more open with each other and we communicate more.  Now I’m not as nervous about it because I know through it all, I know they love me, and this is who I am.

CocoaFab: Parents, are you ready to see what your daughter is up to when you’re not around?

Marie: I’m a little anxious to see what’s going to come across on the screen.  However, now that it’s over with, I’m a little more comfortable knowing that Taylor has already shared some things with us. I think I’m going to brace myself for what’s to come.

Pastor Ken:  I’m still waiting.  I’m learning and I have learned to communicate better with her and try to help guide her.  Taylor is my baby girl and when it’s all said and done, she’s the last one out of the coup, and we’re gonna do it right with this one.

CocoaFab: What made you feel comfortable inviting viewers into your personal life?

Taylor: I felt like this would be a great opportunity to show viewers what preacher’s daughters are really like.  A lot of people expect for them to be perfect and not have any flaws and to shove the Bible in your face and that’s not me at all.  I’m still a human first. I wanted to open up and know people could relate to me.  Yes, I’m a preacher’s daughter and yes, I’m at church on Sunday, but I’m not perfect and nobody has to be perfect to go to church.

CocoaFab:  How does your congregation feel about you being on the show?

Pastor Ken:  They’re very supportive.  They’re ready to see it. They’re expecting like we’re expecting.  They are so excited they wanted to have a viewing at the church for it.  I said, ‘No! Go home and see it. I want to watch it with my family.’

CocoaFab:  How has your experience been since the show? How is the publicity tour going?

Pastor Ken: The only downside so far has been the plane ride. I do not like to ride in the plane, I really don’t.  Everything else has been surprising to me.  All the people I have met so far have been very supportive and nice and loving.  I met The Koloffs and The Perrys and they’re like my brothers and my other family.  It was wonderful when I met them.  It was beautiful.

CocoaFab:  Taylor, have you bonded with the other daughters?

Taylor: Yes! We’re like sisters.  I love them so much.  We’ve become very close since then.  When I met them, I actually felt like I belonged somewhere.  I felt like, ‘these are the people I need to be around, this is who I can really connect with.’ I could never regret doing the show, especially for that reason.  I’ve met some amazing people.

CocoaFab:  Did you prep your parents with a confession? Or are you just crossing your fingers?

Taylor:  I had to prep them a little bit.  Only because I thought that was the smart thing to do so when we’re all watching together I wouldn’t get any crazy eyes at me.  I thought, why don’t I just fill them in and let them know what happened. Also, because of the fact that we are more honest with each other and I can communicate with them more, it was very easy.  They were very understanding and we dealt with everything very well and I’m really glad that I have my parents.

CocoaFab:  What do your friends think of you doing the show?

Taylor: My friends are really supportive.  They’re all really excited and posting about it all the time on social media.

CocoaFab:  How long did you date the ‘ex-boyfriend’ we meet in the first episode?

Taylor:  Uh oh.   He was my boyfriend a while ago.  I think we dated for maybe four months.  I was a freshman when we were dating.

CocoaFab:  Dad, were you aware of this relationship as it was going on?

Ken:  It had to have been an “at school” type of thing because I would have handled that.  I didn’t know anything about that one.

Marie:  We only find out about the boyfriends after the fact.  Way after.

CocoaFab:  What mistakes did you make with your older children that you’re trying to avoid with Taylor?

Pastor Ken:  My other daughter and my son, I didn’t have a grip on them like I should have.  I gave them a lot of freedom.  In giving them that freedom, they made some mistakes that I didn’t like.  So I said, ‘let me tighten the grip on Taylor’ because I didn’t want her to go down those same roads.  If you don’t learn from your mistakes then you’re doomed to repeat them.

CocoaFab: In your opinion, what makes a “good” teen these days?

Pastor Ken: I believe that if you teach them right, then they’ll do right.  You have to be hands on with your children.  You can’t let them go and not have any guidance.  I know some people have the attitude of, ‘they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do,’ but I’ve learned to love and support and have an open communication with her.  That’s something I didn’t do with my first children and I learned from that.

CocoaFab:  So when is the right time for Taylor to start dating?

Pastor Ken:  25.  No, I would say maybe 19, once she is out of high school.  She’ll be out this year.  I want her to be out of high school because I don’t want anything to interfere.  She’s on the National Honors Society, she’s doing some wonderful things, she’s in the school choir.  I feel that right now, a boy would be a distraction.

Taylor:  No, a boy would not.

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