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May 13

Gene Simmons Visits Palace In Peru

Simmons was in Peru to film an episode of his reality show Family Jewels, dedicated to the country.

Simmons had a 10am meeting at the Golden Palace where he had the brief meeting with President Humala.

Gene and wife Shannon Tweed watched the changing of the guard of the Hussars of Junin and were greeted by Peru’s first lady Nadine Heredia.

Earlier he told local newspaper “The whole world loves Peru; its food, its women, its history. This is not a small country in a small continent. This is a modern country in the twenty-first century that would impress anyone.”

Gene and Shannon left Peru on Saturday. At he posted We are on the way to the airport from Lima, Peru. People here have been great. Having our breakfast in the hotel, we turn on the TV and see a marathon of our Gene Simmons Family Jewels… Dubbed into Spanish on Bio, one of A&E’s International Channels.

Meanwhile Kiss fans can expect the new Kiss album ‘Monster’ in June or July. (Date to be confirmed). It is the 20th Kiss studio album.


Gene Simmons Visits Palace In Peru

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