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Oct 22

Helena Hunt: “A Singing Career Can Be Very Stressful At Times”



Helena Hunt is set to star in Lifetime’s new docu-series Chasing Nashville, premiering tonight at 10:00pm PT/ET on Lifetime. The series follows Helena and three other aspiring teen country singers from Appalachia as they lay everything on the line while pursuing fame and fortune in country music.

Celebrity Teen Scoop had the chance to chat with Helena about how she got involved in Chasing Nashville, what she learned about herself through the series, and how “a singing career can be very stressful at times.” Her mom, Gwen Best, also opened up about helping her daughter pursue her dreams of being a successful country singer.

CTS: You star in Lifetime’s docu-series, Chasing Nashville. How did you get involved in the project?

Helena: “It was really out of the blue. My first banjo teacher, Travis Stuart, contacted my chorus teacher, and he thought I was the perfect candidate.”

CTS: What have you learned about yourself through this series?

Helena: “I learned that I definitely have it in me to become a country  singer, but I still have a lot to work on, such as my stage presence and shy personality. From watching the other girls perform, I learned that I need to open up a little more and not be so nervous.”

CTS: Who inspired your interest in country music?

Helena: “Bluegrass and country music have always been a big part of my family and our history, so I’ve grown up with it. Also, I’ve always loved the sound of a banjo.”

CTS: Does your singing career take up all of your time or is there room for a “normal life”?

Helena: “Although a singing career can be very stressful at times, I definitely still have time to relax and hang out with my friends and family who make it all worthwhile.”

CTS: What is up next for you?

Helena: “At this point, I’m not exactly sure what is up next for me. I’m just anxiously waiting to see  how this all turns out. Meanwhile, I am continuing my schooling  to become a Wildlife Biologist.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also got to chat with Helena’s mom, Gwen Best, about her own experience on Chasing Nashville and how she helps her daughter pursue her aspirations in country music.

CTS: How do you encourage your daughter to follow her dreams?

Gwen: “I tell her that she can do anything she sets her mind to and to always be honest and true to herself and the people around her.”

CTS: What was it like filming the docu-series with your daughter?

Gwen: “It was a fun and exciting experience and I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together.”

CTS: Are you worried about the potential toll a life in the limelight might take on your daughter?  How do you help her prepare for that?

Gwen: “I’m a little worried, but Helena is strong, intelligent, and gifted with common sense.  I just tell her again and again to be true to herself.”

CTS: What, in your mind, sets your daughter apart from the other aspiring country singers out there?

Gwen: “Helena has an unusual voice and a contagious, sweet spirit that I think a lot of people are drawn to.”


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