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Jun 06

How Many Times Per Week Should a Couple Have Sex? See What The Cast of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Say!

Once, twice, 100 times? What is the appropriate amount of times to really get down and do the nasty with your partner when you’re in a relationship? That’s just one of many questions we set out to find answers on from the cast of We TV’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars.

 Check out the video above where Gretchen & Slade, Jenni & Roger, and Trista & Ryan put their knowledge of each other to the test with a round of The Newlywed Game at La Cuisine in NYC. What does your man do when he’s home alone? What gift does your gal treasure the most from you? And most importantly, can you watch your favorite TV show without your partner? Even after watching them on TV for all these years, we still learned a lot about these celebs!

And when it comes to Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, we learned which couple made the most progress throughout the program and which one they’ll be likely to hang out with long after the cameras are done rolling. It also appears there might be a little bromance in the air! See all the fun for yourself in the video above.

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars airs tonight at 9 p.m. on We TV.

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