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Oct 14

“It Was Hard Work:” Syleena Johnson Dishes On Working Through Marital Issues On ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’

While I’m not really in favor of couples who showcase their relationships on reality shows, I happen to really enjoy WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp.” The show’s resident marriage counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll seem to be quite knowledgeable about what healthy relationships require to flourish. They also appear to be quite committed to helping the couples that join the show. According to “R&B Divas” star Syleena Johnson, who will be appearing on season two of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” with her husband, former NBA player Kiwane Garris, Jim and Elizabeth’s dedication to strengthening marriages is what drew her to the show.

“We researched Jim and Liz Carrol and Marriage Boot Camp is an actual program not just a TV show,” she told The Jasmine Brand. “I felt like it would be a great opportunity to work on our marriage. The program was extremely beneficial and I am glad that my husband and I did it. It was tough though. I trusted the production company, Thinkfactory, that they would handle my marriage with care.”

Though Kiwane was initially apprehensive about joining the cast, he eventually agreed and apparently it was all worth it. Syleena says joining the show helped them tremendously, but it didn’t come without plenty of effort on her part as well as Kiwane’s.

“It was hard work. It is a real program with real exercises.”

From the sounds of it, Kiwane and Syleena already have a pretty solid union, but as most of us know, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. According to WEtv, the couple needed a bit of work in the communication department, as parenthood and their hectic schedules had caused a bit of a disconnect.

“‘R&B Divas’ star Syleena Johnson and husband Kiwane Garris (retired NBA player) joins the cast. On the surface, it looks like they are the perfect family who has it all, but busy schedules and taking care of their children has caused a disconnect,” the network’s description reads. “After going to couple’s therapy on the last season of R&B Divas, the two head over to Marriage Boot Camp to enlist the Carrolls’ expertise as Syleena and Kiwane strive to work on their communication issues.”

And speaking of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” “Bad Girls Club” alum Natalie Nunn and her hubby will also appear on the new season. But from the looks of it, they needed a bit more work than Syleena and Kiwane.

“Natalie Nunn and her husband, Jacob Payne, join the roster of couples that are working on their marriages! Forget the honeymoon stage – after marrying in 2012 on WE tv’s Bridezillas cheating allegations around Natalie and Jacob flooded the headlines of magazines, which WE think could lead them to the brink of divorce!”

Will you be tuning in?

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