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Jul 14

‘Jersey Shore’ star gives birth to little girl

JWOWW has given birth to a little girl and fans are excited to hear the news. On Sunday, ABC News shared about her new little bundle of joy. This was the first child for Jenni Farley and her fiance Roger Mathew. Her name is Meilani Alexandra Mathew and she weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces. It sounds like mommy and baby are doing just fine.

Jenni has been on several shows in the past. Right now she is starring on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on WE. On this week’s new episode, viewers got to see Jenni get really upset about the news of her pregnancy being sold to a magazine. She thought that someone on production actually broke the story but of course they denied that they were responsible for it. It was really upsetting to her but obviously everyone was going to find out eventually any way and the fans were happy to hear about the baby.

This show has JWOWW and Roger on it trying to fix their problems in their relationship. They are working hard to get things together. This was filmed when she was just barely pregnant and nobody even knew that a baby was on the way yet. It looks like the perfect time to get your act together. They are doing a lot of exercises to strengthen their relationship.

So far Jenni Farley hasn’t said anything on Twitter about her new baby girl. She did retweet one announcement about the baby being here so that her fans now know that she had a little girl. There are not any pictures out yet, but when she is ready they will share them with the fans so everyone can see. It will be different seeing JWOWW as a mom but she will do an amazing job with her little girl Meilani Alexandra Mathew.

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