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Jun 03

JWoww found out she was pregnant at a very inopportune time


When Jenni “JWoww” Farley and fiancé Roger Mathews signed up for Marriage BootCamp: Reality Stars, they knew there were relationship kinks to work through. What they didn’t realize until the week filming began was just how complicated their lives were about to become!


“The week we left to go film the show was the week we found out we were pregnant,” JWoww told Your Tango. “I was super nauseous, very tired, very cranky, and it was a little crazy.”

JWoww said she and Roger initially wanted to deal with the pregnancy on their own — which was difficult while living with four other couples.


“They realized it when I wouldn’t drink and I wouldn’t go in the hot tub. Everyone caught on from the stuff I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t drinking champagne,” JWoww said. “I was like, ‘I can’t go in the hot tub for six weeks because of medication.’ I kept saying that I had a ‘medical condition’ that does not allow me to drink, go in a Jacuzzi, and makes me pass out at 9 p.m. every night. Everyone is like, ‘What?’”

She and Roger eventually admitted what was going on. But that didn’t make the exhaustive filming process much easier.

“You will see it on the show. I am not my usual self. I was way more crazy on the show because of the hormones.”

Although the timing of everything wasn’t ideal, JWoww said the tips she and Roger took from the counseling sessions have helped their relationship.

“It is a crazy show, with a lot of strong and opinionated people living in the house. But the show and context behind it is great. We’ve used the tools to help.”

She added Roger’s sense of humor has helped her deal with some of the more frustrating moments in her pregnancy. They’ve also bonded over the planning for the baby — and are “so into the pregnancy right now.” Still, she’s eager to move forward.


“I wish she was out today. I hate being pregnant but I can’t wait to meet my daughter!”

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