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Apr 17

Keke Wyatt Interview: ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Star Talks New Season, Her Infamous Eye Roll, New Music, and The Current State of R&B

Keke Wyatt, the powerful R&B singer known just as much for her mezzo-soprano vocals as she is for her hilarious personality, is returning to R&B Divas: Atlanta this season. This time around, she says fans will see a new side of her in our new Enstars Exclusive.

LaTavia Roberson, formerly of Destiny’s Child, and Keelah Williams of702 signed on this season, and though it looks like Keke was not excited for the new blood, she actually “think[s] they are sweet and nice.”

Before the season 3 premiere on April 23, we caught up with the singer and mother of three, for an in-depth look into what she’s been up to, her opinion on the current state of R&B and her new music.

“I’m definitely a different person on this season, because I am different as a person… as Keke,” Wyatt told Enstars.  “I’m going to be Keke regardless, whether somebody likes it or not. It don’t really matter to me but I’m a little different. You’ll see.”

The 32-year-old mother and wife rose to fame singing alongside Avant on My First Love at only 15 (as seen above), years before she signed on to do reality television. After all of the drama on season 1, she was not necessarily excited about returning to season 2. Nonetheless, she returned but with less desire to bicker over things that are not worth the energy. Still, when you bring six powerful and opinionated females around each other, something is bound to happen. She said that fans will see “craziness, loving, hating, mad, glad all of that.”

Now that fan favorites Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans have decided not to return, Wyatt and the remaining girls have had to move on without their friends. Outside of filming, she remains very close with both women. But, she admitted, “I miss them being with us all of the time but it is what is. People can’t grow up long enough to stop fussing and fighting.”

Aside from the drama, the show also portrays each diva’s out of this world talent. She and her Grammy-nominated cast mates – Angie Stone, LaTavia Roberson, KeMeelah Williams, Syleena Johnson and Monifah Carter – are often given the chance to show exactly why they aren’t divas without the R&B.

Coupled with her powerhouse range, her ability to be extremely entertaining on camera is what sets her apart from the rest of her “Diva” counterparts. Even in this interview, Keke’s comedic side never missed a beat, which she finds a bit weird because as she would put it, she is just being herself. “Everybody keeps saying I am hilarious but I’m not doing anything funny. I’m just being me!”

She continued, “People be cracking up, I’m like what the hell? Like that whole, ‘It’s gon’ be a fight tonight”… People crack up about that and that is not even funny to me.”

Her amusing antics have landed her as a much-talked about topic on social media, with memes featuring her quotes and facial expressions, as well as mentions on E!’s The Soup and Chelsea Lately. 

After she met Joel McHale, whom she describes as “so silly,” Chelsea Handler mentioned her during her roundtable intro, questioning whether her infamous eye roll was actually a “seizure.” So, even though she is not being funny on purpose, she is a certified media topic of interest, which has now sparked her interest in acting.

“Honey, I am a woman of many faces and characters,” she stated, giggling on the phone. “There are so many people living up in this here body! I can take any character and make it my own.”

She revealed that she was given a small role in an upcoming film, and is interested in working with Tyler Perry in a comedic role. But, if she had the choice of any role, she would want to “play a sexy vixen… in some kind of action movie, where I am in a little suit… Like an action hero, like Wonder Woman or something.”

Though Wyatt’s career spans over a decade, she has yet to have the chance to achieve consistent global success. With her impeccable voice, sultry looks, and outgoing personality, many of her fans think she is underrated. However, in her opinion she believes, “It just hasn’t been [her] time.”

She added, “I know that whatever God has for me, is for me. I don’t want nobody else’s career or path. I just want to be the best at it that I can be.”

As many hardcore R&B listeners have noticed, R&B music is slowly but surely losing it’s way. Earlier this year, Billboard featured an exposé about the increasing dominance of pop music, with commentary from some of the top A&Rs in R&B to back their claims. Artists like Usher, Chris Brown, and even Beyoncé, left their R&B roots to pursue a more mainstream sound. And though it was a smart move for each of them career-wise, the genre of R&B suffered as a result.

Since Keke has remained loyal to her R&B roots, we asked her view on what she thinks of the music she knows so well, and she shared sentiments similar to the Billboard column. “What I think is happening is that all the black people in R&B are turning to pop and hip-hop,” she said.

“All the white people in R&B are keeping it going, like Robin Thicke, my buddy, he is big in R&B and I love him. Also, Justin Timberlake and Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars. They are played on the pop stations and it is very pop-ish but at the end of the day, it is R&B.”

Committed to keeping the sound alive, Wyatt is busy touring and working on her new EP due out on April 22, one day before season 3 airs. She and Avant did not team up on this compilation in particular, but are in talks of doing a duet album in the future. However, she does have an unexpected artist joining her, and theG.O.O.D Music rapper did it solely because of his respect for her as an artist.

“I did a song called Rain with Pusha T. He killed his verse! It is so dope! It’s a really different sound for me, but it’s something that I wanted to do and I think it sounds good,” she gushed. “It’s going to do good, I think. He did it for me just out of love, just being sweet.”

As fans wait for the arrival of her new music, they enjoy tuning in to her life onscreen, gaining a greater appreciation for Wyatt as a person. Many of her peers often reach out to her to create music (most recently rapper Da Brat) as her voice carries a level of respect that, even she does not recognize it has. Still, the diva is always working to be the best version of herself, and making us laugh in the meantime.

Catch Keke and the rest of the ladies on April 23 at 10/9c on TVone, for the season 3 premiere of R&B Divas: Atlanta.

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