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May 07

LaTavia Roberson On Destiny’s Child, Singing Anxiety And More On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Original member of Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson, joined the ‘hot-seat’ on “Wendy” today to talk about the group (like we didn’t see that coming), abusing alcohol, and co-parenting.

The “R&B Divas Atlanta” star explains how she was ousted from the super-group with no plans to ever leave but to get a personal manager to co-manage with Matthew Knowles.

She also opened up about abusing alcohol post the dismissal from the group and a tell-all memoir that may include the ‘dirt’ on the group.

Dismissal from Destiny’s Child:

“I definitely did not quit. Who would quit Destiny’s Child? That’s insane.” She revealed, “Our conflict was strictly with management, it had nothing to do with the other ladies at all… We didn’t have anything against Beyonce and Kelly at all. At that time Matthew [Knowles] was our personal manager and he was everybody’s group manager. We dis-affirmed him as our personal manager. We wanted to have someone come in and manage along with him. We weren’t trying to fire the group’s manager.”

She added she’s still in touch with her former band members, “I ran into to Beyonce some years ago. I spoke to Kelly, it was nothing but love. Latoya was at my baby shower.”

Her battle with substance abuse once out of the public spotlight:

“It was in my early 20s. Thank god I didn’t have to live that out in front of the camera. After the group I had a lot of time to myself and I just started living in my head a little bit. And a lot of things from my childhood started to resurface. Specifically I was dealing with the simple fact of being molested and all of that stuff. I had used alcohol to try to self-soothe.”

When asked about the father of her child, Roberson remained coy in the description but revealed that he is a producer and they co-parent together without living with another.

LaTavia revealed she turns 33 this year and is writing a memoir.

“I like to call it my love letter. And it’s my truth about everything, my experience in Destiny’s Child, my life, everything.”

Watch the entire interview below:

This was a really good interview for her reintroduction back into the spotlight. Here’s to seeing more of her in a positive light on the show. We know somewhere someone is just waiting to here some dirt on someone whose name sounds like fiance.

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