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Mar 11

Lifetime Series ‘Preacher’s Daughters’

Lifetime’s newest series called “Preacher’s Daughters” is a reality show about Christian girls gone bad. Lifetime’s website describes the show in this way:

“Teaching kids right from wrong may take a village… except when it takes a congregation! Lifetime will premiere its provocative new family docuseries “Preachers’ Daughters,” following the lives of three families for a behind-the-altar look at what happens at home after the sermon concludes, on Tuesday, March 12, at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT). “Preachers’ Daughters” reveals a hard-hitting but often humorous look at the lives of these pastors’ daughters as they balance the temptations every teenager faces with their parents’ strict expectations and code of conduct as influenced by their faith.”

The Christian bashing program is much worse than “GCB,” which was canceled when advertisers withdrew their funding after being contacted by people of faith. This program is not only offensive to pastor’s, their daughters and families all across the country, but to all Christians. As Christians, we know that no one is perfect other than Jesus because we are all born sinners who are saved by grace, but to publicize someone’s struggles for a buck and belittle pastor’s daughters in the process is despicable.

Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves. Networks continuously mock Christianity, and we will not stand for it. Some in the entertainment business have gone too far, for too long. Christians should no longer sit idly by and allow it to continue without speaking up in protest.


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