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Jun 11

Local psychic medium hosts national show on Lifetime Movie Network

PHOENIX — A local author, spiritual teacher and psychic medium is going big-time as the host of a new show that might become a series on Lifetime Movie Network.


Sunny Dawn Johnston was selected from many candidates throughout the country to be the host of LMN’s “A Séance With…”, which premieres Saturday night.


“I help celebrities connect with their departed loved ones in search of answers,” Johnston explained on her website.


“Whether you call me a psychic or a medium, I have a gift for connecting with souls on the other side,” she says. “It’s just natural for me.”


Johnston, a Phoenix resident, sat down with 3TV’s Javier Soto Wednesday morning to talk about the pilot, explaining that she did now know with whom she would be working – actress Lisa Rinna — until it happened.


“I don’t want any prior knowledge to corrupt the process,” she says. Johnston loves the premise of the show.


“I’m excited to be able to have the opportunity to teach people that we can, everyone can really do this. They can connect with their loved ones,” she said. “People have signs all the time and they just don’t pay attention to it.”


While it’s a pilot now, airing as a special on LMN, Johnston hopes the network picks up “A Séance With…” as a series.


Check your local listings for channels and air times.


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