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Jun 03

‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’ Tanisha goes off in premiere

Did you catch this weekend’s premiere of “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars” on Wetv? If you didn’t there’s one thing you must know: Jim and Elizabeth Carroll are not playing nice with five reality TV show couples who agreed to participate.

The cast includes, Jenni “JWoWW”Farley and Roger, Trista and Ryan Sutter, Gretchen Rossi and fiance Slade, Traci Braxton and hubby Kevin and last but not least, Tanisha Thomas and husband Clive.

The couples arrived separately and began to mingle in the Marriage Boot Camp house, drinking and getting loud. Tanisha led the parade on that score. Jim and Elizabeth came down the stairs and saw who was already a bit tipsy and who was holding off.

After being told to eat a bit before the fun would start, the couples were asked to follow the counselors into what they thought was a meeting room. Oh if that were only true, at least that’s what they were thinking. For viewers, this was pure gold.

“Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars” has the perfect combination of elements meant to make this a very bumpy ride for the participants. There are combustible marital situations, divas that are used to controlling what they say and to whom, and finally counselors who don’t care who the heck they are. They are there to work and go through the role playing exercises with one thing in mind. When they are done, they’ll be asked if they want to recommit to their partner.

The reality stars found a press conference waiting for them, complete with more than a dozen media members, film and still cameras and a long table with their name cards and microphones. When the questions got rough and very personal, you could tell who was going to have a tough time sitting still for all of it, and that would be Tanisha. The “Bad Girls Club” star up and walked out of room, forcing hubby Clive to follow. He sure didn’t want to, but had no choice.

Roger and Jenni (she is not called JWoWW on the show) were the old pros at handling it all. Trista and Ryan were cool with it, Gretchen and Slade were nice, but showed they were unpracticed in this kind of setting, while Traci’s husband Kevin just lied his face off.

When Jim and Elizabeth admitted they punk’d them with a fake press conference, you’d have thought someone would have taken a knife out of the kitchen draw as Gloria did on the finale of the last season of Marriage Boot Camp Bridezilla-version.

Instead, it made them all laugh, with Tanisha thankful she didn’t have to answer for her behavior. This was just the first show in the season. Just think what’s coming each and every Friday night on WEtv at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

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