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Jul 02

Monifah warns wannabe brides ‘love is not enough’

After watching her “R&B Divas” co-star walk down the aisle, KeKe Wyatt wondered what it would be like to have an actual wedding and not just exchange vows at the courthouse.

Newlywed Monifah Carter offered some advice to women who are thinking about tying the knot again and having big ceremonies to commemorate the day.

“If the ladies want to marry or renew their vows, I say go for it! That’s a good thing! If that’s something you want to do and have that experience then you should. It’s a great experience to have with your partner and in my opinion, it fortifies your connection,” Monifah told TVOne.TV.

Though she encourages women to follow their hearts, Monifah warned that becoming a wife won’t necessarily solve anyone’s problems.

“We throw the word ‘love’ around loosely! I encourage people to learn the meaning of that word and apply it to your relationship. No one can make you happy; you are responsible for your own happiness,” said Monifah stressed the importance of friendship in a romantic relationship.

“Marriage is based on a foundation of friendship because love is not enough; it’s never enough. Your relationship must have trust, respect and loyalty as well,” said Monifah who married her partner Terez Mychelle in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 8, 2014.

Many of their family and friends were in attendance to witness their beautiful day.
 “It’s all new and wonderful. My life is merged and my spirit has merged with somebody else,” she told Essence.
 Her fellow cast mates KeKe, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, Meelah Williams and LaTavia Roberson were also present. On the finale of “R&B Divas,” viewers had the chance to watch the ceremony, which aired last week.

Monifah told Essence that her favorite moment from her wedding was seeing her bride-to-be’s face, while walking down the aisle to “Can’t We Wait A Minute?” performed by her good friend, Rahsaan Patterson.
 “I focused on her. I didn’t want to cry, but she was crying so she almost made me cry. When she saw me, I could tell she was crying too,” she said.

Monifah said she decided to do a non-traditional wedding, which did not include a bridal party. The non-traditional didn’t stop there. Monifah decided to wear a beautiful black gown, which she designed.

“You know, that’s just me. I’m non-traditional anyway. I like to do me. I wasn’t walking down the aisle in a white dress. I love black. It’s striking, it’s beautiful, and you know what? It was my day! I designed the dress myself. It was a variation of three dresses that I saw that I loved. I put them together and it worked. The English netting, with the nude under-bodice, I loved. I had an amazing couturier and sketcher who helped me bring the vision to life.”

Looking back on the day, Monifah said she has no regrets; although, she seemed conflicted at times about inviting all her TV co-stars.

“Keeping it 100, I have to say that you just can’t control other people’s vibes and everybody isn’t always in a space to celebrate you,” she told TV One. “The day turned out to be beautiful. There was a wonderful vibe and energy in the air. The divas were very helpful and considerate. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!”

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