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Jan 13

New Promo Shows Irish Mike Making And Using Some Epic Weaponry [VIDEO]

Big Giant Swords is coming to the Discovery Channel. The channel has released a promo video to let fans of the YouTube sensation know what they can expect from the upcoming weapons-based show.

The promo is like a mash-up of Mythbusters and Game of Thrones, but only during the Dothraki scenes- which is to say, it’s pretty intense. But then again, being a blacksmith that specializes in making over-sized weapons is pretty intense.

According to the video, Mike “Irish Mike” Craughwell is the only maker of this kind in the world. Sure, plenty of people make swords, but his swords aren’t your run of the mill katana blades- these are giant custom-ordered things of beauty.

He catapulted to fame due to his work creating a full-sized Buster Sword replica from Final Fantasy 7. His show will feature the creation of other swords from pop culture, mythology, as well as custom designs. There’s no telling what they will look like, only that they’ll be big and one of a kind.

Although the swords are decorative, the ones shown in the preview are gorgeous and would look great on the wall, if you’re into decorating your home with weapons, they are “functional” swords. Practical, no, not at all but they can and will cut. These are not toys, their edges are not dull.

Part of the video features the crew testing the swords which is really the moment everyone is waiting for.

Big Giant Swords comes to the Discovery Channel on January 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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