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Mar 12

Preachers’ Daughters reality TV show Lifetime premiere on March 12

Preachers’ Daughters Extended Preview

We’ve already got “The Sisterhood,” the TLC show about pastors’ wives. And now we’ve got video of the Season 1, Episode 1 of the new show called “Preachers’ Daughters” — making one wonder if a show called “PKs” about preachers’ kids could be far behind.

“Watch an extended preview for the new Lifetime original reality series Preachers’ Daughters, which premieres Tuesday March 12 at 10pm/9c on Lifetime.”

In addition to the extended preview video of Preachers’ Daughters, there are a few short videos of the coming show that made me wonder for a second if it weren’t a totally scripted series. But no, I had to look again to see that it does say “reality show,” although that term is used so loosely to describe scripted series that the line blurs.

Preachers’ Daughters looks like it follows the lives of three different families with teen daughters whose parents are trying to protect them and pray them through the same types of temptations common to all: boys, pregnancy scares, bikini-fueled lusts and the like.

Although more documentary-style types of filming real Christian families tend to interest me by their sheer, raw honesty, “Preachers’ Daughters” will probably be added to my DVR’s to-do list as soon as I can add it, along with that other interesting show called “Deceived” from TVOne.

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