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May 02

‘R&B Divas: Atlanta’ Star Monifah Opens Up About Her Daughters Disapproval Of Her Lesbian Relationship

Monifah displays some great maturity and sets a positive example for not only her daughters but for her fans as well.

“R&B Divas: Atlanta” star Monifah sat down with talk-show host Wendy Williams and discussed her daughter’s disinterest in her love life. Monifah, who is engaged to a woman, shows great spirits when talking about her daughter’s beliefs versus her lifestyle choices.

Check out some of the excerpts and full video below:

“My daughter is in her religion, into her Christianity and she is a 22-year-old who hasn’t experienced life yet fully. I had to just be a parent and be an example of the human being that I’d like her to be,” Monifah told Wendy Williams.

Monifah is planning to marry her longtime girlfriend Terez Mychelle very soon and though her daughter disapproves, Monifah explains she’s not waiting for that turn around to happen.

“It’s her personal stuff,” said Monifah. “We respect one another and we love each other through. I respect her, but she’s not the ruler.”

Some of Monifah’s fans were indeed shocked to learn that she was a lesbian. She was “rumored” to have had a relationship with Queen Latifah years ago.

Monifah also claims that she never really tried to hide her sexuality but that but that she wasn’t as open as she is now.

“It was a different time,” Monifah explained. “The ’90s weren’t ready.”

Monifah set a really positive example and gave realism for where she is in her life. Her daughter’s actions on the show definitely denote she loves her mother so expectations for a continued great relationship for the two is looking good.

Want more Monifah? Check out the video below of her hit “Touch It.” R&B Diva’s airs Wednesday’s on TVOne 10/9c.

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