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May 15


Watching all the crazy drama on Season 2 of Marriage Boot Camp safely from my couch was easy. Flying out to California to appear on the reunion show with this outrageous cast was another story. Here’s how it all went down:

So, it was quite an adventure. Rob and I arrived at the studio way too early in the morning and had our own private suite where we watched most of the filming on TV. We had to be careful each time we left the room because we weren’t supposed to let anyone see us and ruin the surprise. But, apparently,someone found out we were there and blabbed to the rest (insert side eye here) of the cast. We were excited to run into Jim and Elizabeth in the makeup room – love them! I did my own makeup because I don’t let anyone touch my face lol… then it was a whole lot of waiting around.

I face-timed my mom a lot to check up on our babies- missing them was torture. We sipped wine, drank lattes and watched more drama unfold. We enjoyed meeting Traci Braxton and her hubby, Kevin  – who will appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. She was funny, down to earth and energetic. Mai-Lee and Tomas were also very nice and friendly. It was great to see our friends from the network and production to chat about the great times we had filming season 1.

We were shocked to hear sad news about one couple, but we weren’t shocked to hear someone had trouble with the law. Shaun’s past was a major topic as well. Our interaction with the season 2 cast was awkward, weird and uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t have been that way. We planned to give some of them advice because now, we have an awesome relationship and we hope to see other marriages flourish, too. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance because all hell broke loose. However, I wish them all well. The audience was very entertaining and gave a couple of the girls a hard time. You’ll have to watch this Friday to see who and why, but you can check out the sneak peek of this scandalous reunion to hold you over. If you think our reunion show was tense, wait until you see this one!

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