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Mar 05

STRANGE LOVE: From 17 Inch Nails to 99 Inch Hips, Love Finds a Way (VIDEO PREVIEW)

STRANGE LOVE premieres Wednesday night March 4 on TLC with back-to-back episodes full of people with unique attributes, all seeking love.

The network describes it as a series that demonstrates the power of  love, even when it comes to those that have the most unusual outside packaging. Some may be searching for it while others have found it, but as the old saying goes, “There’s a lid for every pot”.

Why shouldn’t we all be hopeful when it comes to romance, even if you are:

  • A woman with hair measuring fifty feet who is married to a hairdresser
  • A full-time Santa looking for his Mrs. Claus
  • A woman with a big heart and size 48 NN breasts

At least one individual featured in the premiere episode is looking for that kind of love, despite being out of the ordinary in today’s dating pool of hopefuls.

In the video clip posted below, we meet Larue, whose hands are attached to what she says are all natural fingernails that just happen to measure up to 17 inches. Recently single, Larue knows that it might be a difficult sell, but it doesn’t keep her from attending her first speed-dating session.

As you can see, a man sits down opposite her and one of his first questions is how she can possibly get anything done with nails that long. Larue demonstrates how she holds a knife and fork to eat and boasts that she’s a fabulous cook.

Along with Larue in the first of the back-to-back premiere shows, STRANGE LOVE introduces us to Cathie, a woman with a waist so small it looks like an optical illusion.

At 15 inches, her waist gives her body an almost life-like hourglass shape, and it looks painful. She explains that it is the result of wearing tight corsets for many years.

In the second episode, we move from a tiny waist to extraordinarily large hips. We’re not talking the Kardashian variety, which when compared to Mikel’s hip-size, look petite.

Mikel is a married woman who wants to renew her vows. The challenge for her is finding a dress that accommodates her 99 inch hips.

TLC is also home to the show MY 600-LB LIFE, that follows morbidly obese people who seek drastic measures to lose weight. They all find something to cover their bodies, while in the process, but Mikel may take the prize as the most difficult to fit with a wedding dress.



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