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Mar 26

Strange Love: Should a Bearded Lady Shave Her Face?

Should true love ask for a close, clean shave?

That’s the question posed in Wednesday’s episode of Strange Love.

For years, Annalisa Hackleman of Sunnyvale, California, has learned to live with her five-o’clock shadow. At 13, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that results in extra hair growth all over her body. Laser hair removal didn’t help.

Fortunately for Hackleman, she found a husband, named David, who doesn’t mind her chin stubble. But now that they’re preparing to celebrate their five-year anniversary, Hackleman has to decide whether to pull out the razor for their belated wedding portraits.  
“David is super supportive and accepting of my facial hair,” Hackleman says. “I don’t think he loves my facial hair, but he loves me and that’s all that matters.”

The upcoming episode of the TLC show will also focus on an African-American albino named Nathan Hurd who makes a living as a comedian. But he remains unlucky with love!



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