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May 14

Syleena Johnson wants R&B to heal again

For many established artists, reality TV is a way to introduce them to a new generation, but “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star Syleena Johnson questions why that’s even necessary when it comes to R&B singers.

“I think the [music] industry has just changed. I don’t know what the problem is,” Syleena said about why R&B artists seem to be struggling for an audience these days. “I think hip hop actually took over a lot, too. It became so popular and it’s still so popular.”

Although Syleena said she thinks R&B is competing against more popular forms of music now, she’s hopeful that things will be changing for the better soon.

“I do believe that R&B music is getting ready to take an upswing because I think people are getting a little tired of some of the music lacking content lyrically. We don’t be talking about nothing on our little songs no more,” said Syleena who thinks today’s music doesn’t have as much depth as R&B music of the past.

“Back in the day people could really heal from music. Music is the soundtrack to life. We gotta get back to these words, which is why I created Couples’ Therapy for couples, relationships. We’re suffering. We don’t have no blueprints no more. Our blueprint is Drunk in Love. The answer is go get drunk. Beyoncé’s all we got,” joked Syleena who added, “I love Beyoncé’s album, though. No shade.”

More popular R&B singers might not be offering that healing R&B that Syleena misses, but she said there are artists out there whose music has those positive messages. However, music lovers may have to look a little harder to find their songs.

“We’re not searching for the Jill Scotts and the Ledisis…We’re not searching for these kind of artists. So, the message is not getting out there that much. K.Michelle is doing good with the message, though. She keeps it real, so that’s cool. Tamar Braxton, she keeps it real with her records. We just need more of them,” she said.

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