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Mar 12

TV Guide: Tuesday Playlist

THIS DAY IN REALITY TV: Fox’s ubiquitous Gordon Ramsay welcomes a new crew of culinary victims to the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen, in a two-hour opener (8/7c) introducing 20 contestants who must cook and be skewered before a live audience in Las Vegas. … Taking a pause from his latest Star Wars resurrection, George Lucas pops in to Syfy’s Robot Combat League (10/9c) to cheer on his daughter Amanda, a professional MMA fighter who’s serving as “robo-jockey” for something called Robo Hammer. … Alan Thicke and caustic clown Gilbert Gottfried, who co-starred on Thicke’s misbegotten Thicke of the Night many moons ago, are the husbands desperate enough to participate in ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap (8/7c). … If that’s not enough to warm your heart, MTV’s Snooki & JWoww returns (10/9c) with an airborne proposal for JWoww when her boyfriend takes her skydiving. … Once upon a time, Noel Coward wrote a clever ditty titled “Why Do the Wrong People Travel?” This comes to mind as TLC sends one of its biggest broods abroad in the three-part special 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia (9/8c). First stop: Tokyo, because it’s not already crowded enough. … Is nothing sacred? Lifetime callsPreachers’ Daughters (10/9c) a “family docu-soap,” and who needs confessionals when you’ve got cameras following every trashy move of the rebellious offspring of pastors in Illinois, California, North Carolina and Tennessee? … GSN’s new Family Trade (8/7c) follows a Vermont family whose patriarch operates an auto dealership where he’ll barter vehicles for just about anything. … Investigation Discovery explores crimes committed in the Dead of Night (10/9c), starting with the cautionary tale of a young dancer from Texas who moves to New York City and steps out with some bad company.


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