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Sep 18

“Vet School” reality show features Cornell students

ITHACA — A new reality TV show featuring students and pets from around the Ithaca area will be airing on Saturday.

Nat Geo Wild is airing a show called Vet School, which captures the daily activities of students and faculty at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Aziza Glass graduated from Cornell’s program in the spring and is featured on the program. She says she received an email from administration about being on the show.

“I said, “really?” Reality shows have really negative connotations so I definitely had to think about it, but knowing that the university and that the college was very involved with the development of the show made me more comfortable to move forward,” she said.

Glass explains one of her favorite moments during the filming.

“Having those success stories and being able to show from the beginning to the end this patient, that was obviously not doing well, and after some treatment they’re meeting their family for the first time,” she said.

Glass says she hopes people will gain more knowledge and respect for the veterinary field by watching the program. She says she’s also excited for her family and friends to finally get a glimpse at the work she does every day.

The first episode of “Vet School” airs on Saturday at 10 p.m.

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