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Mar 20

VIDEO – Koloffs Guests on Local ABC News Affiliate


A 16-year-old girl from Spring Hill stars in the new reality series “Preacher’s Daughter” that deals with faith and family.

Kolby Koloff’s mother and father are both preachers.

“We love the Lord. We aren’t perfect people. We make mistakes just like everybody else; we’re not different than anybody else. We just have church in common. We go to church all the time,” said Koloff’s mother, Victoria.

However the cast of characters certainly makes for some awkward moments, like when Victoria asks the boy Kolby would like to date if he owns or has access to a van.

Cameras followed the Koloffs for seven weeks, and Kolby said it was odd at first.

“At first it was just weird because I had to adjust having the cameras around all the time, but it just became normal after a while,” Kolby said.

The reality show highlights the struggles of their lot in life.

“There’s not a lot of grace, it seems like sometimes, you know, when you mess up it’s not just a normal mess up. It’s even worse because, ‘Oh, but you’re a pastors kid’,” said Teryn, one of Kolby’s older sisters.

Kolby’s family had some reservations about the show as well.

“I just, you know, we’re exposing our family and it’s a vulnerable thing to do and so I just wanted to make sure we weren’t ‘Yay! Excited!’ and really thought, ‘Okay, we’re opening up our home to America and everybody is watching’. Good, bad, ugly… it’s going to be out there,” Teryn explained.

The show aired last week and the concerns the Koloffs once have disappeared, leaving them excited and eagerly anticipating the rest of the season.

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