Is June Shannon going to become a mama for the fifth time? That’s what the season 3 trailer for her hit show is teasing and the hints aren’t subtle at all!

Life is never boring in June Shannon’s household, especially when TV cameras are around. On Feb. 21, the trailer for season 3 of her hit show Mama June: From Not To Hot dropped and the latest plot twist is that the 39-year-old grandmother and mother-of-four could become a mom for the fifth time, thanks to her boyfriend Geno Doak, 43. The man doing the voiceover for the trailer lays out the situation, saying that June – who lost a jaw-dropping total of 300 pounds by the end of season 1 – is “in danger of packing on the pounds and proving the haters right.” The person adds, “Is she chowing down on stress? Or is she eating for two?”

Interwoven between these hints are clips of June gorging on food. At one point she says, “I’ve gained a little bit of weight back, but I’m not going to be 450 pounds again.” But, in another clip, she says, “Grandma Flow is a little late for her visit this month.” If those hints aren’t as subtle as a sledgehammer, a shot of June’s sister Joanne “Doe Doe” Shannonconfronting Geno drives the point home. She asks him, “Did you knock my sister up?”

If he did, Geno could be leaving June to raise “the baby” (according to the trailer), because he is filmed being arrested and walking out on her in two separate scenes. But June isn’t the only person facing relationship drama this season. Her newlywed daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 19, is arguing with her husband Joshua Efird, the father of her 14-month-old baby, Ella. “One lie turns into another and then our marriage is over,” she says to him in one scene. Joshua kicks down the door in another shot.

It’s not all depressing drama though. Fans will get to see behind-the-scene footage of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 13, competing on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors and it looks like she has a crush on her partner Tristan Ianiero. Season 3 of Mama June: From Not To Hotpremieres on WE tv on March 15 at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. In the meantime you can get your fix by watching the wild trailer above.

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