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PAGE SIX: Honey Boo Boo is almost driving

Honey Boo Boo is all grown up.

Reality star Alana Thompson, 13, shared with Page Six at WE tv’s “Bridezillas” event in New York City how excited she is to be able to drive soon.

“I cannot believe it,” Thompson said. “Next year!”

In August 2020, Thompson will turn 15, which is the required age to apply for a learner’s permit in her home state of Georgia.

The former pageant queen, who stars with her family in “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” said she already has an idea of what kind of car she wants.

“It’s definitely not going to be a Lamborghini,” Thompson said. “I mean, if I get offered that, I’m definitely going to take it. But I’m down to earth, so maybe a Honda.”

Kelly Bensimon, who was also at the event, tried to sway Thompson to get a pickup truck because “it’s the most fun thing and all the cool girls drive [one].”

However, before Thompson starts visiting dealerships, she must learn to drive first. Her sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, told Page Six she hasn’t let Thompson practice in her car yet because the teen “doesn’t know how to drive.”

Thompson responded with annoyance, “I’ve got to learn to drive to know how.”

Season 3 of “Mama June: From Not to Hot” premieres Friday night at 9/8c on WE tv.

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IN TOUCH: ExclusiveTrouble in Paradise? Mama June Gets Into a Heated Fight With BF Geno in ‘From Not to Hot’ Sneak Peek

Uh oh, is everything OK between Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend, Geno DoakOpens a New Window.? In the season 3 premiere of Mama June: From Not to Hot, the 39-year-old tells her man that she doesn’t want him coming to L.A. with her because she wants to spend time with her daughter Alana Thompson. In response, Geno flips out. So, will these two be able to work things out? Be sure to tune in to the episode to find out what happens.

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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INQUISITR: Mama June Shannon Battles Ex-Husban’s Wife in New Season of ‘From Not to Hot’

Mama June Shannon, star of WE tv’s From Not To Hot, will battle ex-husband Mike “Sugar Bear’ Thompson’s new wife Jennifer in a weight loss challenge during Season 3 of the popular reality series. The new season will also cover her relationship drama with longtime boyfriend Geno Doak.

This all-new season promises to bring new challenges for Shannon as she attempts to lose some of the weight she has gained since famously losing over 100 pounds back in 2017.

The show released a trailer on its official Facebook where Shannon meets with Thompson’s wife Jennifer in the gym. The women have repaired their relationship since Jennifer wed Sugar Bear in 2017.

“You just got competition,” Jennifer quips to June, who replies that she will “beat the hell out of your a**.”

Doak and Shannon continue to butt heads after their relationship reached a climax in Season 2 when June asked him to marry her during her daughter Pumpkin’s wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. In Season 3, it appears he still cannot make a lifetime commitment to June. In turn, June travels to Hollywood where daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson was slated to appear on Dancing with the Stars Jr. During her absence, she asks Doak to think about their relationship and whether or not he still wants a full-time commitment to her and her daughters upon returning.

According to Shannon’s Instagram page, it appears the couple is still together. She recently posted her sentiments honoring their third dating anniversary.

“Geno Doak thanks so much for everything u do everyday n being here to help me with all this that’s been going on with me I love u more today then [sic] yesterday n we will continue to this crazy journey life together,” she wrote.

The Facebook trailer also touches on the possibility that the 39-year-old Shannon could potentially be pregnant with Doak’s baby. The trailer suggests the reality star could be eating for two. Shannon has mentioned in the past that she would love to become pregnant again, so this could also be a potential storyline for the show’s latest season.

Shannon is a mother to four daughters — Alana Thompson, Lauryn Shannon, Jessica Shannon, and Anna Shannon. She is a grandmother to Kylee, Kaitlyn, and Ella.

Cheddar spoke to Alana Thompson regarding the new season, and she also has made some big changes. She no longer wants to be known as “Honey Boo Boo,” as the reality star told the outlet that she prefers to be called by her real name.

Mama June: From Not To Hot Season 3 premieres Friday, March 15, at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: ‘Mama June’ Season 3 Spoilers: June vs. Jennifer Showdown, Geno’s Commitment Drama

Mama June Shannon and Jennifer Lamb are going to have a weight loss showdown while Honey Boo Boo’s mom questions boyfriend Geno Doak’s commitment in “Mama June: From Not To Hot” Season 3.

Mama June and her family are back to gracing the small screen starting this Friday. From the looks of things, the all-new season will be another roller coaster ride for the mom of four as she is about to go battle Sugar Bear’s wife, Jennifer, in a weight loss showdown. She’s also going to experience some relationship drama with boyfriend Geno while she accompanies daughter Alana in the latter’s Hollywood journey.

In the sneak peek WE tv released on the show’s official Facebook page, Mama June is seen packing on the pounds again by eating a lot of food. Though she said that she’s careful not to return to her 400-pound self again, she may be having a hard time in maintaining her figure.

To motivate Mama June, Jennifer is stepping in to join her in the gym. The teaser says there’s going to be a showdown between the two. “You just got competition,” Jennifer tells Mama June in the clip. But then Mama June warns Alana’s stepmom that she’s going to “beat the hell out of your a—.”

However, Mama June may be getting the shock of her life because the trailer hints at Jennifer getting her sexy, revenge body at the end of their showdown. The sneak peek even ends with Mama June saying that she’s “pissed as hell right now.”

Meanwhile, Mama June is eager to walk down the aisle with boyfriend Geno. She actually informed Geno about this during their Vegas trip in the previous season. Unfortunately, Mama June’s beau is not at all considering this because he’s not ready for a commitment.

In the first look at Season 3, it was already revealed that Mama June is going to confront Geno about this. Since he hasn’t popped the question and appears to not have the drive to marry Honey Boo Boo’s mom, Mama June has decided to not include Geno in their planned trip to Hollywood. She said that this should give Geno time to think if he’s ready to commit or not.

Speaking of Hollywood, Alana is excited to join “Dancing With the Stars.” Her journey on ABC’s hit ballroom dancing competition is over since the new season was filmed last year, but fans will get to see some behind the scenes of her “DWTS” stint. Mama June will also be there for her daughter to provide moral support.

“Mama June: From Not To Hot” Season 3 premieres Friday, March 15, at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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MONSTERS & CRITICS: Mama June: From Not to Hot Season 3 premiere exclusive: Pumpkin and Josh are enjoying married life

Mama June: From Not to Hot is headed back to WEtv and this season is jam-packed with drama. While June Shannon has quite a bit on her plate, it looks like Pumpkin and Josh are living it up as newlyweds and new parents while enjoying the perks of still living at home.

In this Mama June: From Not to Hot exclusive clip, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon talks about how great things are going between her and Josh with their new marriage and raising their baby.

One of the reasons things are going well because “we’re still living with mama, which is okay because we’re not having to pay rent.”

How does Mama June feel about that though? We see her reaction to the couple’s antics in the clip as well.

The From Not to Hot matriarch confronts Lauryn and Josh as their daughter, Ella Grace, continues to get into everything. Mama June is planning a trip to L.A. and she’s worried about the state of her house while she’s gone.

While she’s trying to talk to Josh about baby-proofing the house, Ella gets into something else and makes a mess all over the floor. So Mama June tells Josh that she doesn’t know how long she’s going to be gone but the house better be babyproofed before she gets back. She also asks the couple to clean up while she’s gone.

Will Lauryn and Josh do what Mama June asked while she’s out of town or will she come back to an even bigger mess? Or is this what leads to Lauryn and Josh moving out of Mama June’s house?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Mama June on Season 3 of Mama June: From Not to Hot, as she has so much to deal with including a slip back into some old bad habits coupled with some unexpected pregnancy news and more legal trouble for her boyfriend Geno.

On this WEtv series produced by Thinkfactory Media, Mama June will be facing her arch nemesis, Jennifer Lamb, as the two compete to see who can slim down the most.

To get caught up on Mama June: From Not to Hot, WEtv will be kicking off premiere night with the special, Mama’s Most Outrageous Moments, which airs tonight at 8/7c on WEtv.

Mama June: From Not to Hot Season 3 premieres on Friday, March 15 at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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*Sadly, we have reached the season finale of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,” and after 10 days of Boot Camp, the couples must decide; will they stay together or leave apart?

Has Lil’ Mo finally had enough of Karl’s lies? Will Soulja Boy pop the question? And after Jessica’s deception, will she and Shawne leave engaged or enraged?

Find out when the season finale airs Thursday, March 14, at 10/9c on WE tv.

In the meantime, in our exclusive clip above of the finale episode, Tiffany and Lil Fizz face the judge — famed Judge Lynn Toler to be exact, and Lil Mo notes how she hopes the couple “make it” because while she doesn’t ever see them fighting, the singer has observed how “it just gets weird” between them.

This season, some of the biggest names in Hip Hop moved under one roof to put their relationships to the test, including Soulja Boy and Nia Riley, Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera, Lil’ Mo and her husband, boxer Karl Dargan, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Jessica Dime and her NBA fiancé, Shawne Williams and Lil’ Fizz of B2K and his lady-love Tiffany Campbell from “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Catch up on all the episodes of this season on We tv!

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HOLLYWOOD LIFE: ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Lil’ Mo Threatens to Embarrass Karl After His Cheating Scandal

After 10 days of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’, the couples must decide, will they stay together or leave apart? Has Lil’ Mo finally had enough of Karl’s lies?

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the March 14 season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop EditionDr. Ish and Dr. V tell Karl Dargan that he “should be worried” about Lil’ Mo leaving him. Especially after he lied about who he was Facetiming with in the kitchen late one night during boot camp, while Lil’ Mo was upstairs sleeping and unaware of the situation. As the married duo stands face-to-face for the final ring ceremony, Lil’ Mo tells Karl, “Every time I forgive you, you get mad at me when you get caught.” And then she asks, “What did I do?”

According to Karl, Lil’ Mo’s done “nothing.” But he also says, “I’m not worrying about you going anywhere.” And when she asks, “Why?”, Dr. V insists that he “should be worried.” Lil’ Mo then says, “Like I can really, in front of these cameras, embarrass you in front of the whole world [if I were to dump you right now].” Karl then says, “I ain’t got nothing to say.”

But once Dr. Ish comes down on Karl, he changes his tune. Dr. Ish tells Lil’ Mo, “You can make your relationship change by just changing you, and I see that change in you tonight. And I’m listening to a woman who’s tired of the foolishness, she’s tired of the mess, she’s tired of the intrusions.” He then turns to Karl and says, “It’s time for you to level up, Karl,” and he seems to agree. Karl then admits to Lil’ Mo, “The problem you have with me is me being to accessible. So, I’m going to have to shut it down. I love you. I’m going to change.”

To watch the full season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, tune into WE tv at 10pm on Thursday, March 14.

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BOSSIP: “Marriage Boot Camp” Exclusive: Waka Flocka Admits He Was Failing At Wife Life And Tammy Talks Trust Issues!

It’s no secret that Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have come a long way in their marriage. We’ve got an exclusive first look at Thursday night’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” and it looks like the couple really got to the bottom of their issues. Check it out here:

Here’s more of what to expect from the episode:

After 10 days of Boot Camp, the couples must decide; will they stay together or leave apart? Has Lil’ Mo finally had enough of Karl’s lies? Will Soulja Boy pop the question? And after Jessica’s deception, will she and Shawne leave engaged or enraged?

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition – “Re-Lit Or Quit”- Airs Thursday, March 14 at 10:00pm ET/PT on WeTV

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CHEDDAR: Mama June, Honey Boo Boo, and the Whole Family are Back in New Season of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’

It’s been a busy year for the family as Mama June struggles to keep the weight off after her dramatic transformation two years ago, and Alana competes on ‘Dancing With the Stars Junior.’ Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson and Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon stop by Cheddar with an inside look at the show’s new season, which premieres Friday, March 15 on WE tv.
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WORLDSCREEN: “Thinkfactory’s Story Factory”

No matter what genre Thinkfactory Media is tackling, story comes first. And that certainly holds true for its new event series, My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera, in which the production company is telling the stories of the ten “most deserving couples in America” as they throw them weddings they’re likely not soon to forget.

There’s a two-time cancer survivor. A son of a Charleston church massacre victim. Two wounded warriors. A lung transplant recipient. Resilient victims of Hurricane Irma. Survivors of the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting in Las Vegas. And nonprofit organizers committed to helping at-risk youth. Thanks to My Great Big Live Wedding—a brainchild of Thinkfactory CEO Adam Reed and Lifetime’s Gena McCarthy—they’re all getting the weddings of their dreams, planned and officiated by wedding maven David Tutera.

“It was one of the most difficult castings we have ever done because you have to treat it with the respect it deserves,” Reed tells TV Real Weekly. “You have to give the wish fulfillment but also tell the backstory. You don’t want them to be dark; you want it to be a hopeful, uplifting, amazing story of humans who are so well-deserving because of who they are and what they’ve been through in life.”

The premiere episode on Lifetime brought My Great Big Live Wedding to Southern California, where Redmond Ramos, a former Navy Corpsman combat medic who lost his leg after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, married his firefighting partner Krista Cona. Speaking to TV Real just days before it aired, Reed says, “It’s like literally every day this show gets bigger and bigger because these stories we’re telling, they’re so incredible that the deeper we
get, we just want to do a more amazing job for their wedding. And now I’m going, Okay, it’s time to go live, so here we go!”

“Typically, when you’re running a show, you go, Here’s your showrunning team, here’s your creative and you go. [With My Great Big Live Wedding], we have to make sure the casting and story teams are interfacing with the live team, who is interfacing with David’s vision and his team, and putting the wedding on,” Reed adds. “It really takes a village on this show to seamlessly integrate to pull this off.”

While My Great Big Live Wedding has its unique set of challenges, unscripted programs are familiar territory for Thinkfactory, which has been behind the successful Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Marriage Bootcamp and Mama June: From Not to Hot series, all of which have sold internationally.

“Everything we develop and sell here at Thinkfactory, we really try to look at it from a global perspective,” says Reed, who has little doubt that My Great Big Live Wedding will follow the same route. “You can easily go, Hey, who are the most deserving couples in the U.S., and now who are the most deserving couples in whichever territory that you’re in.”

The idea of celebrating the nuptials of the “most deserving” couples sets My Great Big Live Wedding apart from other wedding-genre series—as does the fact that it’s live. Audiences, who serve as an extended guest list, root for the couples in real time and get to partake in surprises the show has planned for the newlyweds, while also being taken aback by twists even they don’t know are coming.

Though Reed acknowledges that a segment of the audience will tune in for the “what could go wrong” factor inherent in a live show, My Great Big Live Wedding’s live element isn’t the bedrock of the series.

“If you lead with live, you’re dead. This show has got to stand alone,” says Reed. “At the end of the day, we’re telling a story, and we’re sharing characters with the world. And if you don’t love a story, if you don’t love a character and there aren’t real stakes—if those three things aren’t available, it doesn’t matter how live a live show is; no one is going to watch. We really try to look at it as: live is the cherry on top, it’s never the ice cream.”

The stories, of course, are the ice cream in this metaphor. “The stories that we can tell, and the backstories of these people, that’s what’s going to suck you in,” says Reed. “If you’re not crying three minutes into the show, we haven’t done our job.”

With My Great Big Live Wedding, Thinkfactory has put together a wedding-genre series, a human-interest docuseries about some of America’s most inspiring individuals, a potential global format—and a live show. It fits in no genre and many genres. These are the sorts of formats, the sorts of programming risks that Reed is animated about.

“I’m excited to see more and more networks not only willing to take those risks, but recognizing that Thinkfactory is kind of on the forefront of trying to bust genres, and think a little bit extraordinary and figure out how do we elevate and stand apart from all of the noise that is out there,” says Reed.

“We’re known for literally producing in every genre of programming, and it’s the way we built the company,” Reed adds. “We never wanted to be, Hey, we’re just a doc company, or we’re just a format company or just a live company. We’ve done every genre of programming, and that’s why we’ve been so successful and continue to be.”

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