Wedding and party planner extraordinaire David Tutera is taking his talents to TV once more with Lifetime’s My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera. And this time, he’s pushing the envelope even further — each episode will be a live broadcast!

According to the network, “Every week, one new couple will share their emotional and heart-warming story live from a different city across the country.” Thinkfactory Media, Lifetime, and Tutera “scoured the country and found eight inspirational couples whose remarkable stories of love and survival redefine real love.”

Viewers who tune in will get to experience the entire wedding journey with Tutera and the couples. “It’s not like you turn on the TV and it’s just the wedding. The journey starts at the moment I tell them they’re going to get this amazing wedding,” Tutera tells TVInsider.

He’s responsible for every last detail but insists the show isn’t about him — “I’m just the messenger. It’s all about the wonderful couples.”

Read on for our chat with Tutera below.

What do you think people will connect with most about the series?

David Tutera: I think the timing for this show is perfect. It’s one hour of happiness and you’re rooting for a great couple. And it’s also about seeing the magic of what I do to making these amazing weddings come alive. It’s a feel-great show and I’m beyond excited for people to experience it.

Is the live element even more stressful for you?

Yes! [Laughs] In all the things that I’ve done in my career and personal life, I aim to do things that have never been done. So when I was talking to Lifetime about how we were going to do this, everyone was like, ‘I don’t know. It’s never been done before.’ Which makes it even more fascinating to me. It’s a lot of moving pieces. We know that when it comes to weddings anything can happen. By filming it live, we’re telling the story with heart and honesty and we’re shooting it in a way so the TV audience feels like a guest of that wedding.

Every couple is so inspirational. Is there one couple’s story that touched you the most?

I traveled around the country for two months meeting these couples and I would leave them and call my husband and say, ‘I’m emotionally drained.’ These couples are legitimately happy even though they’ve gone through life’s challenges and struggles. They’ve come to a place we’re they’re great even though they’ve experienced hardships. I think that’s what will make viewers fall in love with them even more. The couples weren’t begging for this; they weren’t asking for this. Sometimes, as a society, we don’t see these stories because they get buried by the everyday drama but it’s true that love conquers all.

Are you working with local vendors or bringing in your own people?

My whole thing was that I’m coming into your life; it’s not me bringing in my own people. It’s about me working with your community and you’re people that best represent who you are. It’s just me elevating it.

After this, what’s next on the horizon?

I’m launching my next bridal gown collection — called David Tutera Bridal — and my men’s fashion collection. I’ve upped the ante. I’ve tried to take wedding fashions and elevate the visuals. The brides on the show are all wearing my designs made specifically for them.

My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera, Premieres, Tuesday, February 5, 10/9c, Lifetime

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